Who are we

Company’s overview – waste is gold technologies is leading provider of environmental, waste management ( solid waste collection, transfer, recycling , disposal services and supply of composters) , energy and industrial services and involved in the manufacturing of organic waste composter , industrial shredder , organic fertilizer, industrial squeezer , various type garbage collection bins and pesticides and provides turn-key Energy Management , water management and Waste Management Solutions for businesses and organisations, where our experts focus on areas such as lighting, water management, waste management and renewable energy alternatives.

Vision – Waste Is Gold Technologies has a Vision of making Zero Waste Dump Yards outside any City Town or

Villages in the world by developing state of the art technologies which helps in reducing organic waste

by converting it into useful Compost , which consists of more than 60% of Municipal solid waste and converting recyclable dry waste into useful resources . WIG sees the world without landfills.

Mission – We strive to enable every citizen in every country with the most advanced technologies and waste management awareness activities which will result in developing a highly effective waste management systems aimed at achieving 100% scientific treatment of various types of waste.

Resource ecosystem

Collection – analyzing the need of the clients , societies , communities and propose and implement activities and programs to collect and process various types of waste generated .

Recovery – implementing sorting strategies, deploying a four-bin system, and building outreach and education programs aimed at segregation at source.

Processing – deploying in-house developed state of the art technologies to processes various types of waste in the most efficient and scientific manner .

Marketing and commodities – Ensuring that retrieved recyclable dry waste commodities are sold to manufacturers that will create further recyclable consumer goods.

Data – monitoring and gathering all types waste generation on daily basis and maintaining a complete waste generation and disposal database and analytics report

Laws & policies – creating a 360-degree waste management systems which is aligned with policies and a proper waste management implementation set by government laws in the country .

The consulting services we offer include:

360-degree solid waste management auditing

1- auditing solid waste generation

2- evaluation of existing waste management yard

3- designing of an effective waste management yard for sorting, storing and processing

4- analysis of existing machinery capabilities and compatibility and effectiveness of current waste management system .

5 – recommendations and budgeting for an effective waste management system .

Site investigation and remediation services

1- Environmental site assessments

2 – UST Tank Removal

Environmental compliance support:

1- Spill Prevention, bio-mining, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) plans

2- Facility Response plans (FRP)

3- Discharge Monitoring reports (DMRs)

4- Hazardous Waste Management Plans (HWMPs)

5- Pollution Prevention (P2) plans

6- Environmental report

Zero waste to landfill and waste minimization consulting

Current environmental permit reviews

Facility evaluation and annual routine reporting for municipal solid waste and hazardous waste management policies and implementation

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