Wet Waste Management

  1. Shredding of Hard Organic Waste materials : : Bones and other organic hard materials to  be shredded before before putting them for processing in owc .  


  1. Waste processing through fully automatic OWC: : Properly segregated organic waste will be processed in the OWC. The machine would run for an average of 4 hours daily to process given quantity .


  1. Moving processed wet waste : : The end product of OWC would be moved to crates for dehumidification.


  1. Timeline for wet waste composting : : Shorter composting time with fully automatic technology for composting. Usually processing of wet waste takes 2- 4 hours, and kept for dehumidification. Depending on weather, type of waste and  infrastructure, dehumidification would take  1 days to 8 days.


  1. Disposal of final compost : :  Entire final stage compost which is being processed through owc will be taken out of the premise to our warehouse on periodic basis.


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