waste is gold technologies presentation at FAAB federation of apartment association Bangalore

Mr. Shrinivas from waste is gold technologies talks about scientific implementation of waste management and how it can create a zero waste community which results in generating jobs and keep society healthy and free from various kind of pollution which arises out of plied unsegregated waste .

lets encourage segregation at source as untreated and unsegregated waste goes to landfills and creates havoc for the people living nearby and affects our ecosystem at large . lets adopt scientific treatment of organic waste at souce as it consits of more than 60% of total waste generated in india. lets move towards a zero waste country .

waste is gold technologies participation @ BNI , bangalore 2018

waste is gold technologies wants to bring in holistic approach in agriculture sector by converting organic waste generation from cities into useful organic fertilizer which can be used in farms and farmers can get benefited by yielding more profits and increasing fertility of land .

Commercial Tax Department celebrate Environment Day enabled by waste is gold technologies

waste is gold technologies has set a complete 360 degree waste management system to enable them to manage their waste effectively .

Waste Is Gold Technologies has developed newly advanced fastest technology for converting chicken and meat waste into highly enriched compost which can be used for farming and landscaping .

Natural composting with 8 hours per day composting process demo.

Specially designed composter for composting biodegradable disposals.

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