Organic Waste Composter – Semi automatic




Operation procedures

1> waste has to be segregated into organic and inorganic

2> after segregation done , waste has to be put into the machine while automatic mode is on and mixture is rotating .

3> 15 mins after you have put the waste into the machine, culture(bioculum) has to be put inside the machine.

4>  after putting the culture , machine will be running for about 2 hours and will get turned off automatically .

5> finally converted organic waste( ready to use manure) comes out you have to keep it into crates for one week .   



No. of running hours per day 7 to 8 hours
No. of running batches per day 5 batches a day
Per batch running time 30mins to 45 mins
No. of people required to operate machine 2 Person
Time required for the waste to be converted as ready to use manure One week
Our machine converts organic waste into organic manure in a week Whereas other’s machine more than 40 days to convert compost
Spaces required for owc and crates for drying 500 sq ft for 4 nos. Of owc to be installed
Nos. of operations 2  Processes only a day
Our machine can process more than more than given quantity  a day if required in case you have got more waste than expected daily You save money to process extra unexpected waste on any given day .

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