Operation procedures

1> waste has to be segregated into organic and inorganic

2> after segregation done , waste has to be put into the machine along with given bio culture and sawdust ratio while automatic mode is on and mixture is rotating .

3>owc runs for first 3 hours in auto mode with mixture , blower and chopper on .

4>  after first 3 hours , chopper gets stopped and mixture and hot air blower runs for 3 to 4 hours per day .  

5> after the completion of composting cycle owcs gets turned off automatically along with sound buzzer  

6> finally converted organic waste( ready to use manure) comes out you have to keep it into crates for 24 hours before you can use it .   



No. of running hours per day   7 to 8 hours
No. of running batches per day Only one batch a day
Per batch running time 6 to 7 hours per day
No. of people required to operate machine 1 Person
Time required for the waste to be converted as ready to use manure 24 Hours
Our machine converts organic waste into organic manure in a day Whereas other’s machine runs 24 hours and it doesn’t convert as it incinerates the waste into ashes and does not serve the purpose .    
Spaces required for owc and crates 250sqft
Nos. of operations 2  Processes only a day
Our fully automatic gives the best quality compost Other fully automatic ones dont produce good qyality compost  as they burn organic material which causes harm to microbial activities resulting low or bad qyality NPK ratio  .

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