Sandeep tiwari (M.D.) has served as managing director and founder of waste is gold technologies since its formation and has been elected as Chairman in January 2018.  till now Mr. Sandeep tiwari has more than 7 years of experience in the solid waste industry and his innovation has been a driving force behind company’s success in waste management technologies and implementation.

Shrinivas.V (CEO) has been Executive Vice President and Chief executive Officer of waste is gold technologies since Jan  2018. From December, 2017 , to that date, Mr Shrinivas.V  also served as Executive Vice President – Operations of waste is gold technologies. Mr. Shrinivas.V  has more than 12  years of experience in the business operation. Mr. Shrinivas.V holds a master degree in Business Administration from the University of London business school.

  • Premika Thirumur (COO) is a business professional and entrepreneur with a passion to leave the world a bit better and a lot cleaner.
  • Having spent 12 years of her career in the Social Welfare field, as a life coach, interpreter and advocate for the hearing impaired, public speaker and fund raiser, and disaster relief coordinator, she has developed a unique perspective and set of invaluable people skills which drive her in all she does.
  • With 10 years of entrepreneurial experience in the highly dynamic and competitive Event Management industry her company – Butterfly Express- is one of the best known names in Bangalore for kids events.
  • She is now getting back to her roots of Social Entrepreneurship and pursuing her lifelong dream and passion of a cleaner and better India. As a Director at Waste is Gold she is bringing all her experience and her multinational background to drive innovation, market connections, and business growth.

Shane D’souza (CTO) – They say every entrepreneur should have done sales at some point in their lifetime, now combine that with an understanding of how to apply technology in the right context and continuous learning, what you have is a complete package to run a successful business. A topper in Science and Mathematics in Junior College, an engineering graduate in Electronics and Communications and a post-graduate in Business Administration, he has helped form the backbone of the Waste Is Gold Technologies along with classmate and friend, Sandeep Tiwari. Solving the solid waste management problem has been a passion project for Shane. Not restricted by functional silos, Shane has been advising Waste Is Gold since its formation and has been working on understanding the need of the client, provide a solution and recommend best practices that are being followed all over the world. An Ambivert and a highly empathetic individual, he believes that everyone should have three hobbies for a happy life. He loves taking care of plants and animals and is an avid Aquarist.

Mita Jain ( Director )  is a software engineer with more than 10 years of experience in programming language where she has worked at companies like TCS,Schneider Electric and IBM . she is very compassionate and want to contribute towards environmental sustenance . Her experience in technologies makes it very easy for her to implement and monitor technological innovations in the field of IOT at waste is gold. She is also taking care of allocation of resources and financial risk management.

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