We offer complete residential , commercial and   industrial waste management services, from collection to recycling.


It is a new concept, which would give the accountability of the issues related to the Environment. Like financial auditing this is conducted every year to have an accountability of the financial inflows and outflows, profit etc.


We focus on disposing of all waste sustainably and minimizing environmental impact.

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We are a Leading Global 360° waste management company  Committed to The Environmental causes .

Waste is gold technologies envisions the world with out landfill and strives to be one of the strong catalyst in eradicating landfills which will result in living a healthy life and creating sustainable development for all . 

Services & Solutions

Our solutions can be broadly categorized as follows:


Waste Collection – Propose and implement activities and programs to collect and process various types of waste generated

Waste Recovery – Implementing sorting strategies, deployment four-bin systems and building outreach and education programs aimed at segregation at source

Manufacturing of Organic Waste Composting Machines - Design and Manufacture advanced non-polluting OWC Machines with various capacities

Processing – Deployment of state of the art technologies to processes various types of waste in the most efficient and scientific manner

Purchase/Sale of Used Commodities – Ensuring that retrieved recyclable dry waste commodities are sold to manufacturers that will create further recyclable consumer goods

Data and Analytics – Monitor and gather data to maintain a complete log of waste generation and disposal. This analytics report will help to plan future strategies and to optimize costs

Laws & Policies – Creating a 360-degree waste management system which is aligned with policies and laws set by the government in the country of deployment

Site investigation and remediation services – Environmental site assessments and UST Tank Removal

Environmental compliance support – Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) plans, Facility Response plans (FRP), Discharge Monitoring reports (DMRs), Hazardous Waste Management Plans (HWMPs), Pollution Prevention (P2) plans, Environmental report

Facility Evaluation – Annual routine reporting for municipal solid waste and hazardous waste management policies and implementation of the culture change initiatives

Bio Mining  - Bio-mining or bio-remediation is the process wherein materials that can be recycled — plastic, rubber, textiles, metals, glass and gas  — are extracted from mounds of accumulated waste. 

Waste Collection
This includes gathering the solid wastes and recyclable materials and transport of these materials to either the processing facility, transfer facility or the disposal site. Types of Collection
Recycling Services
Did you know that recycling a single aluminium can saves the same amount of energy needed to power a TV for four hours?
Disposing of waste has huge environmental impacts and can cause serious problems. In India much is buried in landfill sites – holes in the ground, sometimes old quarries, sometimes specially dug. Some waste will eventually rot, but not all, and in the process it may smell or generate methane gas, which is explosive and contributes to the greenhouse effect. Leachate produced as waste decomposes may cause pollution. Badly-managed landfill sites may attract vermin or cause litter.
Quality Audits
A waste audit is a process used to calculate the type and amount of waste generated by an organization. Any size organization can perform this type of audit. The data collected from the audit will identify the type of waste produced by the organization and how the organization manages this waste. The audit can also make the organization more effective at reducing waste management costs by educating staff about proper waste disposal and making better use of natural resources. When performing a waste audit, the organization should not inform staff about the audit prior to the completion of the audit. Informing staff in advance can alter waste disposal habits resulting in an inaccurate and counterproductive audit.
BIO Fuel Production
Biofuel also called as agrofuel and is derived from biomass and may be in solid, liquid or gaseous form. The use of waste biomass to generate energy can decrease waste management problems, pollution, greenhouse gaseous emissions and the use of fossil fuels. There is a huge potential for bioenergy obtained from waste to decrease the speed of global warming. As per a recent report, by the year 2020, 19 million tons of oil equivalents could be derived from biomass. Out of this, 46% is obtained from bio-wastes like farm waste, agricultural waste, municipal solid waste and other biodegradable waste streams.
Our past has, our present does, and our future will depend on it. Sustainability is our stock in trade. We’ve built our business around reducing, composting, reusing, recycling and repurposing to create long-term economic value whilst caring for our people, communities and the environment.

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This includes gathering the solid wastes and recyclable materials and transport of these materials

to either the processing facility, transfer facility or the disposal site .

Corporate Sustainability

We make it our business to Think Green® every day. When we Think Green, we think of a world...

where there are so many clean, alternative ways to produce power that the threat of exhausting our natural resources is forever put to rest.
where “reduce, reuse, and recycle” become the watchwords of every family and company in North America.
where companies take a leadership position by investing in cleaner technologies so that air pollution becomes a thing of the past.
where the environment is respected and every action is aimed at recovery and restoration.
where Waste Management partners with its customers to use our knowledge and experience to their benefit and the benefit of the planet, leading them to new, sustainable solutions and working with every link in the supply chain to address the entire life cycle of a product.
where Waste Management’s commitment to excellence and leadership has positioned us to deliver lasting solutions to the environmental challenges our planet will face in the 21st century.

Circular Economy

Looking beyond the current "take, make and dispose” extractive industrial model, the circular economy is restorative and regenerative by design. Relying on system-wide innovation, it aims to redefine products and services to design waste out, while minimising negative impacts. Underpinned by a transition to renewable energy sources, the circular model builds economic, natural and social capital.
Collection Containers
Tons of Waste Recycled
Trees Saved Yearly

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Client Testimonials

WE ARE REALLY HAPPY TO HAVE BOUGHT FULLY AUTOMATIC COMPOSTER FROM WIG which has helped us to manage our organic waste effectively .
fire luxur developers pvt ldt
jason fire luxur developers pvt ldt
we are very much pleased with the solution to manage our waste responsibly provided by waste is gold technologies .
Vels Institute of Science, Technology & Advanced Studies
Dr. Kalaivani Vels Institute of Science, Technology & Advanced Studies
we are very much happy to make our math a zero waste campus thanks to waste is gold unique solutions towards managing waste effectively.
Shri Maharaj Raghavebdra RAMAKRISHNA MATH
we appreciate the work being carried out by waste is gold technologies in Nilgiris area to depose all type of waste scientifically which has become a threat to the environment if not treated properly.
Udhagamadalam mucipality
Commissioner Udhagamadalam mucipality
we are really happy to have WIG's natural fastest composting technology implemented for our projects which made our daily waste management operations smooth.
ozone group
Mr. Ram babu ozone group
happy to have purchased compact WIG'S OWC with fastest composting technology for our projects .
Rajarajeshwari Buildcon Pvt Ltd
Mr. ramesh Rajarajeshwari Buildcon Pvt Ltd
really happy with the fast delivery and robust performance with the fastest composting .
Disha Dwellings Pvt Ltd
Mr. Rami Reddy.K Disha Dwellings Pvt Ltd


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